Kieran White

Environmental Advocate, Entrepreneur

Kieran is a 20 year old entrepreneur and environmental advocate based in London and the San Francisco Bay Area, passionate about solving the vital recycling and global waste problem our planet currently faces. He left high school simply wanting to be of use to the world and subsequently joined Tesla Motors at 18 after being rejected multiple times with no degree, making him at that time unofficially the youngest employee at the company. Over his 2 years he got the opportunity to travel, working on UK and European wide projects in key areas of rapid growth and scaling for the markets, receiving invaluable mentorship in the process. In addition to pitching his startup to Elon Musk’s team at HQ.
To further his development and seek discomfort he left Tesla and joined the high growth startup Lasso Loop Recycling. Leading the companies launch and expansion in the Western Bay Area as they release their first product. Kieran has a keen interest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. He believes that anyone can be truly capable of anything if they put in the work and believe without limitation it is possible. Subsequently, he will work on the planets greatest problems to make the future an exciting and sustainable reality.